To provide the absolute best customer service experience through timely communication with buyers, sellers, lenders, and our real estate partners thus creating a true community in which all parties accomplish a desired outcome.

To be the Escrow company of choice for buyers and sellers and to be the best escrow resource for our community.

We work closely with our real estate channel partners and provide the hallmark of professionalism within the Escrow industry and are committed to absolute stewardship of our client’s funds and information.

That the service of Escrow and the highest standard of care run in tandem where buyers, sellers and those in the real estate community all prosper.

Life of an Escrow – Escrow Explained

The principals to the escrow are – the buyer, seller, lender, borrower. They cause escrow instructions to be created, signed and delivered to the Escrow Officer. If an agent or broker is involved, they will provide the Escrow Officer with the information necessary for the preparation of your escrow instructions and documents.

The Escrow Officer will process the escrow according to the escrow instructions, and when all required conditions are met, the escrow can be “closed.” Each escrow, although following a similar pattern, will be different in some respects, as it deals with your unique property and the transaction at hand.

The duties of an escrow company include: following instructions given by the principals and parties to the transaction, handling the funds and/or documents, paying all bills as authorized, responding to requests from the principals, closing the escrow only when all terms and conditions have been met, distributing funds in accordance with instructions, and providing the Closing or Settlement Statement.